General Contractor | Lynchburg, VA

Structure Foundation Solutions is a general contractor in Lynchburg, VA (division of CS Custom Structures, Inc). This division was created in 2006 as a general contractor in Lynchburg, VA to address existing settlement problems that were discovered during the renovation of a client’s home. From that day forward, SFS has been the leader in Central Virginia for foundation solutions. Structure Foundation Solutions is a certified installer of all CHANCE products. The CHANCE brand has been in business since 1912 and is the standard for all foundation solutions. All CHANCE products must be installed by a certified installer. Each year, our team of professional general contractors in Lynchburg, VA is trained by CHANCE staff to ensure we are up-to-speed on all new products as well as perfecting our current product installations.

As general contractors in Lynchburg, VA SFS offers solutions to existing homes and commercial foundation problems, as well as solutions for new construction. When a problem occurs, our staff will evaluate the situation and choose which product will be applicable for that solution. We work with CHANCE professionals and local engineers to ensure your project has the right fix for your problem. Unlike other foundation companies we are not a franchise that promotes products for commission. We work exclusively with CHANCE products because they are the standard in foundation solutions; additionally, they are backed by solid engineering. Our staff  general contractors in Lynchburg, VA at Structure Foundation Solutions was carefully selected to ensure that we have the highest quality personnel working on your project. We guarantee our installation labor for life, because of the superiority of our staff and their experience. Your foundation is the most important component of your home or office - if you do not have a solid foundation you don’t have a CHANCE.


Structure Foundation Solutions is Central Virginia's leading foundation repair specialist serving the communities of Lynchburg, Appomattox, Amherst, Bedford, Forest, Concord, Rustburg, Altavista, Leesville Lake and Smith Mountain Lake. We also specialize in waterproofing crawl spaces, basements and exteriors of homes.

1934 GRAVES MILL ROAD, Suite B • LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA 24502 • TEL: 434.444.1874